What Happens at an Alcohol Detox Program?

An alcohol detox program is the first step to recovery. Plan on spending three to seven days at the facility overnight.

There are many steps to detox. Initially, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawals come in many forms and the most common are tremors and shaking, vomiting, sweats, and sometimes seizures. It is common for an alcoholic to freak out entirely and have to be strapped down to a bed until the peak of the withdrawals end. Remember, this is a medical facility with doctors helping you make it through this. Withdrawal is the hardest part.

In the alcohol detox program, you might be given something to stop your cravings for alcohol like a pill or something. These pills are not addictive and any addictive personality would not ever become addicted to alcoholic medication. Once, the alcohol is entirely out of the system of an alcoholic, the healing process and therapy can begin. This is when the alcoholic usually realizes all of the damage that was caused from their alcoholism and they can slip into a depression. It is important that all family members support the alcohol detox program and support the alcoholic no matter how angry they are about the problems that were caused due to the drinking. Remember, the alcoholic could not control it, which is why they were admitted into an alcohol detox program in the first place.

An alcohol detox program is the only way to help an alcoholic. An alcoholic has less of a chance of slipping and having another drink by going to an alcohol detox program than to a regular rehabilitation program. Usually, an alcoholic will slip right back into drinking after a rehabilitation center.

An alcohol detox program is helping you get the alcohol out of your system so you can recognize that you have a problem and that you have caused problems with your drinking. Only you can stay clean and sober. You are strong enough not to drink and an alcohol detox program is the first step to saving your liver and any other serious problems to vital organs that drinking massive amounts of alcohol can do.

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