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Finding an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Schedule

Finding a schedule for Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings is not a difficult task. However, attending these meetings can be challenging for those seeking help. What is Alcoholics Anonymous? AA is a support group that operates nationally for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. The program utilizes a 12-step process to help alcoholics recover from their addiction. … Read More

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Alcoholism Facts: Understanding the Truth

Understanding the facts about alcoholism is critical in identifying and addressing the condition in its early stages. Alcoholism is a treatable disease, provided that it is recognized and treated appropriately. I can be caused by many things. For some people, alcoholism is hereditary. Ignoring the problem and leaving it untreated for an extended period could … Read More

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The Harmful Effects of Alcoholism on Marriage

Alcoholism is a disease that can take a toll on a marriage, leading to unhappiness and instability. When alcoholism affects other people, it becomes even more unhealthy. It’s important to understand the impact of alcoholism on a marriage and how to cope with it. What is Alcoholism? A person is considered an alcoholic when they … Read More