Can You Guess the Famous Alcoholics?

Some individuals find that reading about famous alcoholics and their struggles can help them in their own journey. Tragically, some famous individuals serve as reminders of what can happen when alcoholism runs out of control. Other famous alcoholics can serve as role models because of their commitment to beating the disease.

Throughout history, alcoholics have existed in every walk of life. Famous alcoholics have ranged from writers to celebrities to political figures. Some famous individuals who suffered from alcoholism or alcohol abuse include Edgar Allen Poe, Jack London, Dylan Thomas, and Ulysses S. Grant.

Many other celebrities have entered rehab programs for drugs or alcohol. Names include Betty Ford, Mel Gibson, Johnny Cash, John Daly, Rush Limbaugh, George C. Scott, Elizabeth Taylor, Joe Namath, Nicole Richie, Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Elton John, and Dick Cheney.

For some people, learning about other individuals who are alcoholics can help them feel less alone. They can see that other people, even those with seemingly great lives, can become alcoholics and experience the same problems as regular people. This may make some people less ashamed of seeking help or admitting that they have a problem.

A famous alcoholic that is in recovery and doing well can serve as a role model for someone who wants to turn their life around. This can be particularly helpful if the person admires the celebrity. In other cases, someone that the person wouldn’t ordinarily admire can serve as a role model because of the alcohol recovery.

Learning about other alcoholics can also show individuals what can happen if they don’t get treatment and stop drinking. Many famous people have died from alcohol related problems, including Edgar Allen Poe and possibly Jim Morrison. Reading these tragic stories can help people see what their life might become if they don’t seek help.

Individuals can also learn about treatment options and pitfalls by reading about others’ experiences. Deciding to seek treatment is the first step in changing a life, but there are many things that can either help or hinder the experience and impact a person’s chance at sobriety. By reading about a celebrity’s struggle with alcohol, an individual can see what assists recovery and what can derail the commitment.

Famous alcoholics exist in sports, film, writing, and politics. Their life stories can serve as a source of motivation or as a warning of what can happen.

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