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What are Causes and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse in Teens?

Alcohol abuse in teens starts for many reasons, fitting in, depression, addiction, and more. There are signs that you can recognize if your teen is abusing alcohol and you should pay attention to all of them and take them seriously. Alcohol abuse in teens can lead to heavier drugs if not recognized early.

Teens abuse alcohol for many reasons but it usually starts with hanging out with friends that are drinking. Maybe their first time drinking was at a party with older kids. Or maybe dad didn’t think it was so bad that his son and friends were able to drink at his older sisters wedding. It was a wedding that comes once in a blue moon, right! Wrong. All it takes is the one time. Alcohol abuse in teens happens because kids want to fit in with others. There are other reasons though. If you have a lot of alcohol in your house and you drink often. Maybe alcoholism runs in the family? Sometimes teens are depressed and they are feeling too much pressure being a teenager and drinking takes the edge off. 

Signs to look for if you suspect that your teen is abusing alcohol are losing interest in school and grades are dropping. Maybe your son or daughter is skipping classes and no longer in after school activities. New friends who don’t care too much about their families and social activities can be a sign. If your child is using eye drops and that is new to you, they are probably covering up red eyes from alcohol or some sort of drug. If your child is tired all of the time can also be a sign of alcohol abuse in teens.

Alcohol abuse in teens is serious and must be taken seriously. The numbers are rising for kids that are dropping out of school, using alcohol and not graduating. Kids drink for many reasons and if it is to fit in with the others, that is easy to fix. If your child is depressed and feeling too much pressure at home or lonely, then that is something else and maybe you can get them someone to talk to.