Choosing an Alcoholism Medical Treatment Program

An alcoholism medical treatment is highly recommended for anyone who is attempting to detox from alcohol. Withdrawing from alcohol can be dangerous in some circumstances and doctors recommend that anyone attempting this be under the care of a physician. Involving a doctor in the process gives the patient a better chance of success and a healthy outcome.

Research suggests that in patient medical treatment programs have more success than out patient treatment for alcoholism. In part, this is due to more social support during the withdrawal process. This support is available for the patient at any time of the day or night. With out patient programs help and support is more limited.

The treatment program should be chosen based on the individual and the situation. For some individuals, out patient programs work best because of their circumstances including location, finances, and the low risk of severe symptoms. Other individuals should consider in patient programs, particularly if they have a high risk of severe symptoms or complications.

Alcoholism medical treatments may use psychosocial therapy and support, drug treatments, or other alternative therapies. Patients should discuss the options with their doctor and/or alcohol counselor to find the best options.

Research indicates that psychosocial treatments have only a moderate success rate for treating alcoholics. However, doctors have also been reluctant to use drug treatments for all but the most severe cases of alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms. Research continues and some drugs are showing promise for use in medical treatment for alcoholism.

Drug treatment for alcohol may include sedatives or other drugs if the symptoms are severe or are needed to protect the patient’s health. Doctors also use drugs that affect alcohol’s influence on the body and brain. This helps reduce cravings.

Additionally, antabuse or similar drugs are used to make an individual feel ill if they consume alcohol while taking the drug. This helps keep a person from consuming alcohol and aids the patient in his or her effort for sobriety.

Medical professionals continue to search for medical treatments that can be used to successfully treat alcoholism. Alcoholism medical treatments today range from psychosocial treatments to drug therapies to alternative methods. Research will continue on treatments to find methods that can be used to successfully treat alcoholism. Someday, a cure for the disease may be found.

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