Dealing with Alcoholism the Disease

Alcoholism disease is a very real disease that has a negative impact on many people’s lives. It effects the alcoholic, his or her family and friends, his or her job and his or her quality of life.

Experts define alcoholism as a chemical dependence on alcohol. This means that the alcoholic, or the person affected by alcoholism disease, cannot function in life without the aid of alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that consumes the lives of many Americans either directly or indirectly. It can break up marriages, cause physical harm to the alcoholic or, in the worst cases, death. Alcoholism disease is something that should be taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible

How do You Know if You’re an Alcoholic?

Experts having differing points of view about how to determine if someone is suffering from alcoholism disease. Alcoholism is different than cancer. When a person has cancer, there is physical evidence that they are suffering from disease. When an alcoholic is struggling with alcohol, there isn’t an exact physical test such as an x-ray or blood work that show the person has a disease.

However, there are some outward physical and behavioral symptoms that may indicate a person has a drinking problem. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is perhaps the most highly regarded support group for alcoholics. On the AA Web site, there are a series of questions a person can take to help them determine if they have a drinking problem.

A person who makes and breaks promises about giving up drinking, wishes other people would them alone about their drinking or switches to drinking another type of drink with the hopes they won’t get as drunk, might have a drinking problem, according to the AA questions.

Perhaps one of the most classic signs of alcoholism disease is the person’s inability to admit that they have a drinking problem.

Physical Effects of Alcoholism Disease

Alcoholism disease causes physical problems as well. However, unless you know a person really well, it may be hard to detect the physical effects of alcoholism disease. A person in the beginning stages of alcoholism will be able to drink a lot of alcohol without becoming visibly drunk. As the disease progress, the person may become violent or act out while drinking.

The progression of alcoholism disease can have a very negative effect on a person’s behavior. If you notice that your friend or family member is acting differently and drinking a lot, you may want to approach them about alcoholism disease.

A person in late stages of alcoholism disease will actually have physical withdrawal symptoms when they can’t have a drink. These symptoms may include shaking and vomiting. A person with alcoholism disease may also get liver disease, which can result from the liver having to continually process toxic liquor. It’s a good idea to catch a person before their alcoholism disease progresses this far because at this stage, it may be too late to reverse the damages.

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