Finding an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting Schedule

Finding an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting schedule is not difficult. It’s the getting there that’s hard.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a national support group for alcoholics. They have affiliates all over the country and use a 12-step program to help alcoholics recover from their disease. It’s a voluntary program and requires a lot of discipline and handwork. Members go to meetings and talk about their addiction, the effect it’s had on their lives and the lives of others and learn different skills to cope with the illness.

The idea behind Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is to have alcoholics and recovering alcoholics support each other in their mission. AA suggests that the addicts take their recovery one day at a time. This mantra is supposed to help alcoholics keep realistic goals.

AA members go to weekly meetings to talk about how the disease has effected their lives. They also get a sponsor. Sponsors are alcoholics who have been able to stop drinking for any number of years. The idea is that the recovering alcoholic calls his or her sponsor whenever they feel the urge to take a drink. Calling a sponsor is supposed to help this person make a choice not to drink.

AA doesn’t cost any money, but it does require a great deal of time and effort. It’s extremely difficult for alcoholics to admit they have problem. As courageous as admitting the problem is, it’s only the first step. After the alcoholic has admitted the problem, they have years of work to do to become healthy. And, once they stop drinking, they have to spend the rest of their lives fighting the urge to drink.

AA is truly anonymous. Members share their first names and are allowed to share as many details of their lives as they want. However, no one is absolutely required to share information. AA does not keep records of those who go to the meetings.

AA Information is a Click Away

Finding an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedule is as easy as getting on the Internet or making a phone call. By going to Alcoholics Anonymous online, you can find an affiliate in your area. Not all of the meeting schedules are posted on-line, but the Web site gives a list of phone numbers you can call to get a schedule.

If you’re not on the Internet, you can find an AA affiliate in your local phone book. It’s very hard for alcoholics to admit they have a problem and then agree to do something about it. Finding an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting schedule is just one step in a very difficult process.

AA does have a member only directory. This is especially useful for members who do a lot of traveling. It helps them find Alcoholic Anonymous meeting schedules in different areas of the country.

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