Finding an Effective Alcoholism Cure

There’s a debate among the medical community and alcohol treatment centers as to whether there is actually an alcoholism cure.

You certainly can’t take a pill and be cured of alcoholism. It’s not like alcoholics can walk to a doctor and get a prescription that will cure them in the week. Alcoholism is not like strep throat. A cure for strep throat attacks the virus and helps the body’s immune system fight the sickness. With alcoholism, you have to fight the person’s desire to drink alcohol.

12-Step Programs

Most experts say that a 12-step program is the most effective alcoholism cure, though it’s better defined as a treatment rather than a cure. Alcoholics are never truly "cured" of their disease. An alcoholic can slip back into the depths of the disease as soon as the pick up a drink. This is a very tricky aspect of alcoholism.

What alcoholics really need is emotional and physiological help to quite drinking. They need to figure out why they drink and what things trigger their drinking. They also need to learn how to remove themselves from situations where they might drink. They need to cope with the issues that have led them to alcohol. A 12-step program creates a supportive atmosphere for alcoholics. These programs are made up of recovering alcoholics who talk to each other and support one another through a 12-step process.

What exactly is included in the 12-step process? The 12-step process starts with step one, which is when the alcoholic admits they have a problem. As the alcoholic moves through the process, they have to make restitution with the people they’ve hurt. They also have to deal with the underlying issues that cause them to drink. There’s no telling how long the 12-step process will take because it’s different for each person. It takes some people longer than others to get through certain steps. Also, sometimes the alcoholic will fall off the wagon and have to start all over again.

Even though the 12-step process is generally recognized as the most effective alcoholism cure, there’s not a 100 percent guarantee that the alcoholic will be cured.

Some Alternative Approaches

Some people believe that orthomolecular medicine can help cure alcoholism. This type of medicine acts to correct molecular imbalances in a person’s body by using vitamins, enzymes, hormones and amino acids. The idea is that these items will restore the body to a state where it will no longer be dependent on alcohol. This type of medicine is also used to treat other disorders.

Other people believe that items such as apples, bitter gourd, grapes and celery will help cure alcoholism. Most experts would agree that eating grapes or bitterroot will not help cure alcoholism. The only true alcoholism cure is if the alcoholic makes an effort to stop drinking.

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