Healing an Addiction at a Drug Alcohol Rehab Program

Going to a drug alcohol rehab program doesn’t give you a 100 percent guarantee that you’re going to kick your habit, but it’s a good place to start.

What Drug Alcohol Rehab Programs are About

Drug alcohol rehab programs are solely about helping the addict recover. These places are safe places where drug addicts and alcoholics can recover from their addiction without having access to drugs or alcohol. These centers are located all over the country. Most of them require the patient to stay in the center. This is to keep them from gaining access to drugs and alcohol while they’re in the middle of their recovery. Addicts are very susceptible to relapses, so it’s best that they’re physically removed from substances.

Every drug and alcohol rehab program is different. Some of them are faith based and others are not. They all include some sort of therapy including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy or a combination of both. Some drug alcohol rehab programs are free and others cost money. If you can find a drug alcohol rehab program that specializes in your particular addiction, it’s best to go to this center.

Drug alcohol rehab programs also have detoxification centers. This is where an addict or alcoholic goes while their body is withdrawing from the abused substance. Withdrawal is an ugly experience to watch and an even uglier one to go through. Withdrawal symptoms include profuse sweating, seizures, hallucinations, dehydration, stomach cramping, vomiting, cramps and other mental and physical side effects. Withdrawal symptoms vary according to the type of addiction a person has. They tend to be more intense in addicts and alcoholics that have been involved with an addiction for a long period of time. An addict or alcoholic will spend roughly seven days in the detox center. They usually start therapy when they leave detox.

Unfortunately, these places cannot guarantee that the addict will heal. Addiction is a physical as well as a psychological problem. Because there are so many components involved with addiction, it’s very hard for a person to recover.

What to Expect

If you’re going to a drug alcohol rehab program, expect to go through one of the hardest couple of months of your life. If you’re going into one of these programs, you’re probably well aware that kicking a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. If it were, you wouldn’t need to go to the drug alcohol rehab program and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this article.

Drug and alcohol rehab is a mentally, physical and emotionally exhausting process. When an addict is deprived of drugs or alcohol, they have to face all the painful issues in their life. They have to face all of the things that drove them to the substance. They have to face all of the people they’ve hurt. They have to face themselves and the destruction they’ve done to their lives.

However, if a person can complete a drug alcohol rehab program, they’ll learn important skills to help them continue fighting the addiction for the rest of thier lives.

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