How to Choose an Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program

Although traditional methods may help some people with an alcohol problem, others find that they need to seek out an alternative alcohol treatment program in addition to or in place of traditional treatments. You may find that you need an alternative treatment after finishing a rehab program or that using several different treatments works best for you. One method doesn’t work for everyone so you may need to seek out alternatives.

Many people have suggested alternative alcohol treatments over the years. Some have quickly faded away while others have become quite popular. Given all of the options out there, how do you choose the right alcohol treatment program? Treating alcoholism is serious business and you want a good treatment method that will work and not cause greater harm.

Some of the alternative treatment options for alcohol include acupuncture, homeopathic therapies, body cleansing, drumming, vitamin supplements, and other naturalistic options. Many alternate treatments are new and/or have less documented success than traditional methods. This does not mean that the treatment will not work, but that it may not have been studied or been around long enough for real answers on its effectiveness.

One way to learn about treatments is to talk to a physician or alcohol counselor. They will probably have information about various options and can talk you through the pros and cons of each. Most will be more familiar with traditional treatments than alternate ones, but they can offer their professional opinions to help you weigh the options.

You can also ask questions of the organizations or individuals offering the alcohol treatments. Find out as much as you can about how long the treatment takes, what is involved, how much it costs, what risks there are, and so on. Also ask to talk to others who have taken part in the treatment. Recognize that the organizations will be invested in the program and will want to give you the best impression, including giving you references that will be positive. If you can, find others who have used the treatment and ask their opinions.

Keep in mind that you can often combine traditional and alternative alcohol treatments in your quest to become and stay sober. It makes good sense to use as many different therapies as are helpful for you and to approach your alcohol problem from multiple angles. Consider holistic approaches that blend mind, body, and spirit.

As people try to learn more about alcohol addictions, alternative alcohol treatments will emerge from time to time. When looking at these programs, it is important to choose an alternative alcohol treatment program that fits your needs and that will work for you. Don’t let the alternative status of a treatment turn you off, but also keep your eyes out for therapies that won’t work for you.

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