How to Do Alcohol Detox at Home

Some individuals want privacy and the comfort of home during detox so they choose alcohol detox at home programs. 95 percent of individuals who stop drinking experience mild or moderate withdrawal symptoms. For these individuals, a home detox program may be one alternative.

Research shows that in patient detox programs tend to have better success than out patient programs. However, in some cases a home alcohol detox program may work better for an individual. There are circumstances that would make an individual want to detox at home such as family responsibilities, the need for privacy, or the greater comfort of familiar surroundings.

Regardless of where you decide to detox, you should be under the care of a physician. Although most people will not experience severe symptoms, those that do occur can be unpleasant or uncomfortable. By working with a doctor, you’ll be safer and the doctor can prescribe medications if the withdrawal symptoms become too unpleasant or if you need help with your alcohol cravings.

Alcohol detox at home has been used in various countries, including the United States for many years. Generally, this option should only be used when the risk of serious complications is low. Before beginning a home alcohol detox, you should consult with a medical professional so that the risk can be assessed and you can be cleared medically for the program.

Some studies indicate that patients may be more likely to seek treatment earlier when getting treatment at home is an option. Home treatment is also great for individuals in rural areas without easy access to in or out patient programs. Finally, detoxing at home can be much less expensive than pricey in patient programs.

Before you decide on detoxing at home, you need to consider your situation and assess what barriers you will have at home to your sobriety. For some people, in patient programs are more successful because of the more consistent social support and the access to medical professionals whenever needed. Consider whether the change of scenery will be a good or bad thing for your recovery.

Alcohol detox at home makes sense for some individuals, particularly if they are at a low risk for serious symptoms and there are few barriers at home to challenge the detox process. If you are interested in an at home alcohol detox program, consult with a medical professional about the process and to make sure that you are medically cleared to participate.

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