Learn the Alcoholism Signs

If you or someone you know has a problem with drinking alcohol, you should familiarize yourself with alcoholism signs. Both alcohol abuse and alcoholism can cause many different problems for the individual including health issues, legal troubles, and interpersonal struggles. The differences between the terms alcohol dependence and alcoholism can be controversial, but alcoholism is generally associated with a dependence on alcohol.

Here are some signs of alcoholism.

  • Needing to drink daily or frequently in order to function.
  • Drinking alone.
  • Being unable to stop or reduce drinking.
  • Finding and making excuses to drink.
  • Keeping alcohol consumption a secret from others.
  • Trembling in the morning before drinking.
  • Becoming angry when someone confronts the person about his or her alcohol consumption.

Individuals with an alcohol problem may become violent when drinking or may blackout and not remember events that occur while drinking. The individual may have poor eating habits and stop caring about personal hygiene. Alcohol becomes an obsession for the individual and other commitments and relationships often become less important than finding the next drink.

Individuals who show signs of alcoholism and who want to stop drinking should talk to their doctor or an alcohol counselor. Going to an AA meeting can also help a person come to terms with their drinking. Many alcoholics will deny that they have a problem, which can be very difficult for their family and friends.

Chronic heavy alcohol use produces a number of problems which may drive a person to get help. Health problems are common. Organs that help absorb and digest alcohol, like the liver, pancreas and stomach, are particularly vulnerable. Heavy drinkers are also more likely to have accidents and injuries.

Interpersonal, work, and legal problems can also influence an alcoholic to get help. Many alcoholics experience divorce, broken families, loss of jobs, arrests for drunk driving, and the loss of friends. These experiences may help the alcoholic see that she or he needs to get help and to stop drinking.

Alcoholism signs should not be ignored. If you or someone you know exhibits signs of alcoholism, you should explore treatment options. In patient treatment programs tend to have the most success, but out patient treatments can be used for individuals who are at a low risk for serious withdrawal symptoms and complications.

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