Reading the Big Book Alcoholic Anonymous

The big book Alcoholics Anonymous is an alcoholism recovery bible for Alcoholics Anonymous members. The book intertwines faith messages and hope to help the alcoholic kick his or her addiction.

What’s Included in the Big Book Alcoholic Anonymous?

The big book Alcoholic Anonymous is based off of AA’s 12-step program. The program is designed to get alcoholics to admit they have a problem. In fact, admitting you have a problem is the first step in the program. When the person admits that they have a drinking problem, they also need to resign themselves to the fact that they are "powerless over alcohol" and that their life has become "unmanageable."

The steps in the big book Alcoholics Anonymous sets goals for the alcoholics as well. For example, step five requires that the alcoholic admit to God and to another person "the exact nature of their wrongs." This is usually an extremely painful process for the alcoholic and the person who hears the admission. It is not easy for someone to make a sober admission to someone they’ve hurt. It forces the alcoholic to really think about the consequences of their drinking.

As the alcoholic moves through the big book Alcoholics Anonymous program, they start to become more aware of the effects alcohol has had on the lives of those they love. At the end of the program, they have to make a list of all the people they’ve hurt and make direct amends with them. This means that if the alcoholic hit someone at a bar, they have to try to find that person and apologize. If they destroyed their daughter’s toy while in a drunken rage, they have to apologize for that offense. Getting through this list is very difficult and can take a lot of time depending on how many people the person hurt. Generally the longer a person’s been an alcoholic, the more amends they have to make.

Getting to the Breaking Point

Successfully completing all 12-steps outlined in the big book Alcoholics Anonymous is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of dedication and willpower for the alcoholic to make it through the steps without taking a drink.

So how does a person get to a point where they need a 12-step program to quite drinking? Alcoholism has a tendency to sneak up on people. One day they’re having a beer at a baseball game acting social and before they know it, they’re having a drink in the morning to take the edge off of last night’s bender. Some people might get help as soon as they’re taking their first morning drink. Others will wait years before getting help.

Every alcoholic reaches his or her breaking point at a different point in life. Some never get there. But, an alcoholic will not successfully receive treatment unless they reach step number one in the big book Alcoholics anonymous, which is admitting they have a problem.

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