The Damaging Effects Of An Alcoholism Marriage

Alcoholism in a marriage will create an unstable marriage that will result in two unhappy adults. Alcoholism is an unhealthy disease and becomes even more unhealthy when it effects other people.

A person is considered an alcoholic when he or she cannot stop drinking. They rely on drinking to help them cope with their problems and get through the day. Sometimes they have to drink in the morning before they go to work. Sometimes they have to drink during the day to make it through. All alcoholics drink in excess and cannot stop drinking even if they make a promise to.

What Happens in an Alcoholism Marriage?

The tough thing about any disease, including alcohol, is that it effects lots of peoples’ lives. If you’re married to an alcoholic it will have a negative impact on your life as well as your children’s lives. Emotional and physical abuse and lack of sexual satisfaction are all consequences of being married to an alcoholic.

Alcoholic marriages are unstable. This is because the alcoholic is unstable. Constant binge drinking makes a person’s moods unstable. Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re mean and sometimes they’re indifferent to the people around them. It’s very hard to maintain your side of the marriage if the person who’s in it with you can’t control their own moods.

Alcoholics also let alcohol take precedent over everything else in their lives. Instead of coming home from work and hanging out with the family, they may go to a bar. When they get home, they may be extremely drunk and just pass out rather than spending time with their kids or spouse.

This kind of behavior dissolves a marriage quickly. It’s extremely hard to talk to or interact with a person who appears that they don’t care about you or your life. This can have an extremely negative impact on sexual interaction in the marriage as well.

Being married to an alcoholic puts the sober spouse in an awkward position, especially if they have kids. Some spouses will ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. This also puts a division between the couple.

An alcoholic who is confronted may start lying about his or her habit. He or she also may become physically or emotionally abusive to the other spouse. Lying, abuse and lack of communication between the couple can lead to divorce.

What to do if Your Spouse is an Alcoholic

The sad truth is that no matter how hard you try to help your spouse with his or her addiction, they’re not going to change until they’re ready to admit they have a problem. Until that happens, you need to take care of yourself and your family. You do not want to become codependent, which means that you make up excuses for your spouse in order to protect them. Support groups, such as Ala-non, help families of alcoholics learn how not to be codependent on the alcoholic.

If you are being emotionally or physically abused in your alcoholism marriage, you need to physically separate yourself from your spouse. Just because you’re in an alcoholism marriage, doesn’t mean that you deserve to be mistreated.

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