Using an Alcohol Detox Protocol

An alcohol detox protocol is often one of the first steps in treating alcoholism. Typically this treatment is done under the supervision of a doctor and it often takes place in an inpatient rehab treatment program because of the time frame needed for detox. This allows the individual undergoing the treatment to be under supervision for any ill effects or health hazards as the body is rid of alcohol.

Studies show that every person who experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms should receive medical treatment. Most alcoholics experience mild to moderate symptoms but they should also have an alcohol detox protocol in place. Although the protocol may be different than for someone with severe symptoms, it is important for the individual to be under the care of a doctor in case of problems.

For those with mild or moderate withdrawal symptoms, non-drug detox protocols have been found to be the least problematic. Most non-drug alcohol detox protocols involve social support throughout the detox. Vitamin therapy and proper nutrition may also be used to help combat the withdrawal symptoms.

For those with more severe symptoms or for chronic alcoholics, drug treatments are often used. Alcoholics are less likely to experience seizures or brain damage when treatment drugs are used during detox. Benzodiazepines have the best record of success in treating alcoholism. When drugs are used, doctors typically decrease the drug dosage over time.

After a person has undergone an alcohol detox protocol, other drugs may be used to make alcohol consumption unpleasant for the individual or to reduce the craving for alcohol. This helps the individual stay sober.

Studies indicate that inpatient programs tend to be more successful than outpatient in keeping alcoholics sober after treatment. Inpatient treatments are particularly important for those with severe symptoms or who have been alcoholics for a long time. The supervision and constant support in these situations increases the likelihood of success, although it is still a battle for anyone with an alcohol addiction.

A professional alcohol detox protocol is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking to treat alcoholism. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms should be taken seriously by everyone involved, regardless of how mild they are. A detox protocol can get your sobriety off to the best start possible.

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