Using an Alcoholism Test to Determine if You’re an Alcoholic

Taking an alcoholism test can help a person figure out if they have a drinking problem. Unfortunately, these tests can’t do anything to make an alcoholic change their behavior. This takes a lot of time, effort and heartache.

Facts About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease and alcoholics are addicted to drinking alcohol. It doesn’t matter what kind of alcohol you drink — beer, wine, tequila — if you continually drink to much and you let it negatively effect your life, you may be an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is prevalent all over the world. It threatens marriages, friendships and other important relationships. Alcoholics frequently emotionally (and sometimes physically) abandon the people that care about them so they can spend more time drinking. This kind of abandonment takes a serious toll on personal relationships.

When alcoholics are drunk or recovering from a bender, they can be very violent or moody. If you notice that someone you love is drinking a lot and is having serious mood changes, they may be an alcoholic.

Alcoholics also damage their bodies. They may either loose or gain weight from drinking. Massive quantities of alcohol have a negative effect on a person’s physique. It also takes a toll on a person’s liver. The liver has the unfortunate job of processing alcohol, which is like poison to the liver. It can be damaged from processing too much of this poison.

Taking the Tests

Taking an alcoholism test is not difficult to take. These tests can be taken on-line. All you need to do is Google "alcoholism test" and you’ll find dozens of different Web sites that have suggested alcoholism tests. The sites generally center on the same types of questions. The questions that are designed to determine how great your dependency is on alcohol. They ask questions about how much you drink, how much your drinking effects your life and the lives of others and how you feel about your drinking.

These questions are yes or no questions. When you’re finished taking the test, you can tally your results at the bottom of the page. Usually, if you hit above a certain number of yes answers, you’re considered an alcoholic.

The U.S. National Council on Alcoholism has a very comprehensive alcoholism test. This test includes several questions such as:

"When drinking with others, do you try to have a few extra drinks when they won’t know it?"

"Do you often want to drink more after friends have had enough?"

These tests are fairly accurate because they evaluate drinking behavior, which is what defines an alcoholic. However, they’re not going to be the least bit helpful if you don’t have any interest in getting better. An alcoholism test can tell you if you’re an alcoholic, but you’re the only one who can actually do something about it.

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